Shake off the Rust

Maybe you just decided to start a new fitness journey or are getting back after it post-quarantine. Remember to go about your workouts in a smart manner. Trying to go ham on Day 1 will ensure hurt hammies and long recovery times. If you’re ready to shake off the rust from sitting around too much: slow and steady wins the race. As a reminder, this isn’t an actual race. Also, in between your sweat sessions, make sure you drink plenty of water. Give your body time to rest and recover, too.

Start Where you Are, Not Where you Left Off

Forget about that PR six months ago. If you haven’t seen the iron in a while, take it nice and slow. Killing it for two hours just leads to not being able to tie your shoes for the next week. That doesn’t achieve your goals. You’ll benefit more from shorter, more frequent workouts as you get back into it. Trust us, you still get gains and soon enough will see yourself in prime condition. In fact, taking it slower will get you back to where you were before faster. Consistent, controlled workouts help your body remember how this working out thing goes. Track your new maxes and watch your progress without getting discouraged.

Fresh from the Couch?

New to fitness and want help getting started? Rule #1: don’t run over and pick up the heaviest thing you see. There are plenty of exercises you can do using just your body weight to get started safely. Our trainers will help you get on a sustainable fitness path. Just ask! Come check out our facilities during staffed hours and get the royal tour. Or try out a group fitness class: your first class is free.

I Ain’t Racing You

It’s tempting to look over at the guy or gal next to you and compare yourself to them. But don’t do it. Instead just say Hi or I like your shirt (especially if it’s one of those killer new Virtus Barbell T-shirts). Everyone takes their own fitness journey and trying to keep up with someone else is just… well, stupid. Unless you’ve enrolled in the Skull Returns and it is actual game day, this isn’t a competition.

Love that Body

Don’t be a jerk to your body. Know your limits and focus on your program. You can always add more later, but you can’t take it away after you strain something. It’s important to check in with your body and gauge how it’s feeling.

And for those I-can-do-anything supermen (and women), our trainers are always on the lookout for you! Our jobs are to always be attentive to your safety. If we see you trying to do too much, we’re not shy about telling you to ease off. We’ve been known plenty of times to redirect someone to a different activity when necessary.

Whether a gym newbie or basically a gym fixture, everyone can use a bit of workout advice now and again. That’s why we’re here! We can help you create a plan for shaking off the rust. Call the gym at 724-691-2769 or complete our online form to get started. Or just stop by the front desk during staffed hours.